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Windows CE, Pocket PC and Windows Mobile file transfer protocol (FTP) client software product

The Product

vxFtp is a complete high-performance file transfer protocol (FTP) client for Windows CE-based HPC Pro, Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile 2003 / 5.0 / 6.x devices.

vxFtp provides standards-based file transfer protocol functionality and is compliant with RFC 959.

Features include:

Screen Images

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vxFtp on the Handheld/Tablet PC




vxFtp on Windows Mobile/Pocket PC






Special screen sizes are also supported

How much is vxFtp?

vxFtp is licensed software and is available for a 30 day FREE evaluation period.

The price is $24.95 per copy. Includes FREE technical support and upgrades for the life of the product.

Select to obtain a copy of the software, Windows Mobile 3.0 / 5.0 / 6.x (version 2.1.8, 08/08/2016), Windows CE 2.11 (or later), Pocket PC, Pocket PC 2002 (version 1.3.3, 03/14/2011).

Select vxFtp CE to obtain the Windows CE 5.x / 6.x software (version 1.3.3, 03/14/2011).

Select to obtain the PC version of the help files.

Select vxFtp version history to obtain a list of updates made to vxFtp.

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